International Symposium: From waste heat to process heat. Heat reintegration and drying optimisation with industrial heat pumps.  
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Does your company emit unused waste heat to the environment while process heat on a higher temperature is needed? Or do you employ odor dispersing and at the same time energy ravenous dryers, meanwhile delivering cankered products through the air’s oxygen? Find solutions at this symposium to convert waste heat into useful process heat or to optimize dryers energetically, environmentally and to let them deliver higher quality products. .Since 2003, the UGent research group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) , formerly belonging to the Howest University College of West Flanders, is conducting research on waste heat valorization, especially to transform it into electricity through Organic Rankine Cycle technology (ORC) or to upgrade it to process heat by using heat pumps. This in close collaboration with the UGent research group Flow, Heat and Combustion Mechanics (Floheacom) . As it has been detected, industrial drying is a very energy intensive process, whereas a lot of thermal energy could potentially be recovered from the dryer outlet over a small temperature drop by condensing drained moisture. A new practically oriented research project was therefore successfully launched based on this topic. Consequently, this symposium is organized within the framework of two active research projects: “From waste heat to process heat-W2PHeat” , CORNET project: 01/01/2012-31/05/2014 “Energetic and environmental optimisation of drying processes by integration of heat pumps- HP4Drying” , CORNET project: 01/03/2014-29/02/2016

What you can expect from this symposium: A clear overview and state of the art of industrial (high temperature) heat pump technology: important market players and real feasibility supported by elaborated case studies. Conditions for and examples of successful integration of heat pumps in industry. How to counter an unfavorable electricity/heat price ratio, probably as high as the heat pump COP?State of the art of heat pump assisted dryers and need for further research. Learn about the first experiences with industrial heat pump dryers.

Additionally you will have the opportunity to Visit two unique high temperature heat pump experimental setups in our lab, realized by SMEs with a very low budget. Get the latest directly from industrial heat pump and dryer manufacturers during the parallel exhibition. Attend a pre-conference social event (21 May): visit the historic city of Ypres in light of the centennial of the beginning of the First World War.

More information on our projects: The Next Generation Organic Rankine Cycles: “” From waste heat to process heat with high temperature heat pumps: “” Energetic and environmental optimisation of drying processes by integration of heat pumps: “”

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