International Symposium: From waste heat to process heat. Heat reintegration and drying optimisation with industrial heat pumps.  
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014
From waste heat to process heat
Pre-conference Sociocultural Event(optional)


Bus transfer Kortrijk - Ypres



Private conference nocturne in the in Flanders Fields Museum



Walk to Menin Gate and attendance of the daily Last Post at 20h00 sharp



Dinner on the historic Market Square of Ypres



Bus transfer to Kortrijk


Thursday, 22 May 2014: Session 1
From waste heat to process heat
Session chair: Ir. Frank Koninckx, Kovia (BE), President of the Flemish User Group W2PHeat project


Registration - Coffee - Fair visit



Prof. dr. Ing. Kurt Stockman, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture - Ghent University (BE)
Head of the Industrial System and Product Design (ISP) Department

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Ir. Frank Koninckx, Kovia (BE)
CORNET project W2PHeat: Project Goals and structure

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Ing. Bruno Vanslambrouck, Ing. Marcio Verhulst,
Thermal Energy in Industry Research Group - Ghent University (BE)
Industrial High temperature heat pumps: promising technologies and concepts
Selection tool with market overview and fast economical evaluation

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Ir. Frank Koninckx, Kovia (BE)
President of the Cornet W2PHeat Flemish User Group
Heat pumps, when do they make sense?

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Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Oberländer, Thermea (DE)
CO2 High-Temperature Heat Pumps

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Dipl. -Ing. Karl Ochsner, Ochsner (AT)
Single and double stage high temperature heat pumps for 98°C for district heating

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Coffee break & Fair visit



Andy Pearson, Star Renewable Energy - Part of Star Refrigeration Ltd. (UK)
Industrial heat pumps: examples of beneficial applications

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Eric Delforge, Mayekawa Europe (BE); Jan-Willem Voshol, IBK Refrigeration B.V. (NL)
Steam producing industrial heat pump

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Gert Hendrickx, Esset;
Ir. Sergei Gusev, Thermal Energy in Industry Research Group - Ghent University (BE)
Esset/E2S Project: Development of a high temperature water based heat pump

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Koen Decuypere, Frigro (BE)
Small scale prototype high temperature heat pump on R245fa

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Walking Dinner & Fair visit
Free lab visit: Esset/E2S and FRIGRO test setups



Gerrit G.W. Kamphuis, Reduses (NL)
The gas engine heat pump: an energetically cross over

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Ing. Bruno Vanslambrouck, Thermal Energy in Industry Research Group - Ghent University (BE)
CORNET W2PHeat project: Results of some promising case studies

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Thursday, 22 May 2014: Session 2
From waste heat to process heat: Launch of Cornet HP4Drying
Session chair: Dr. Michael Müller, Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V. (PFI), Germany
Coordinator of the German project part of HP4Drying


Ir. Lieven Stoefs, CEE Engineering (BE)
Energy balances of some common used industrial drying processes

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Ir. Minh Cuong Tran, Thermal Energy in Industry Research Group - Ghent University (BE)
Heat pump assisted drying: Current state of the art

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Bram A.J.H. van As, De Kleijn energy consultants & engineers (NL)
Heat pump assisted French fries dryer of McCain foods

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Coffee break & fair visit



Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Uitz, SIMAKA Energie-und Umwelttechnik GmbH. (DE)
The high potential of using heat pumps in drying processes

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16h50-17h10 Dr. Michael Bantle, SINTEF Energy Research (NO)
Heat pumps and superheated steam drying

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Ing. Bruno Vanslambrouck, Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) Research Group - Ghent University (BE)
Launch of the new CORNET project HP4Drying
Objectives and project structure
Research Partners
Invitation to join the (Flemish) user group

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Closing reception & fair visit
Free lab visit: ESSET/E2S and FRIGRO test setups

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