International Symposium: From waste heat to process heat. Heat reintegration and drying optimisation with industrial heat pumps.  
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Opportunities for companies
We offer companies a number of possibilities to have a commercial presence at the symposium:
Symposium sponsor (special logo indication on the website and mailings), flag or banner at the entrance, fair participation (each if desired), 2 full symposium entries.
Logo on symposium website, sessions opening and closing slides (limited), documents or flyer in participants’ documentation.
Fair participation (limited space), incl. 1 full symposium entry
For more information about the fair and sponsoring, please contact Ing. Bruno Vanslambrouck.
We offer PhD Students the possibility to present a poster during the fair sessions. For poster presentations, please send a short abstract (max. 150 words) to Marcio Verhulst. PhD Students presenting a relevant poster can register as student (thus reduced price). There are 4 poster sessions of 30 mins. Poster size should be A0 or smaller. We will provide material to fix your poster, but we cannot print.
Fair participants
List incomplete. Registration for the fair is still open. Contact Jolien Kerkhofs for further information.
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Profiles of speakers

Dr. Michael Bantle Michael Bantle received his Ph.D. in process technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for his work on atmospheric freeze drying. His Post-Doc work was dedicated to energy efficiency in drying and he continued working on this topic as a research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research in Trondheim/Norway. He is currently project leader for different projects in the area of food processing and heat pump technology. His research activities include heat pump assisted drying, energetic analyses and dynamic modelling of industrial processes.


Ing. Koen Decuypere Koen Decuypere has been active in the Frigro technical wholesale business since 2002. Frigro specializes in solutions for commercial cooling techniques. This family business was founded in 1980 as a distributor for components for the cooling industry and specializes over the last years in total solutions, energy savings and machine construction for the cooling industry. Educated as an industrial engineer in electro mechanics, Koen Decuypere followed different routes within the company: from staff member of the consulting firm, to sales and purchasing. Together with his brother Bert, Koen currently leads the company, a SMB with about 40 employees. They increasingly invest in solutions for alternative refrigerants, like CO2 or propane gas, or solutions for the recuperation of waste heat.

Eric Delforge Eric DELFORGE joined MAYEKAWA in 2004. Previously he worked for several screw compressor manufacturers managing European activities. At Mayekawa he handled European sales in industrial refrigeration, gas processing, cryogenics, heat pumps and food processing. Currently Eric helps Mayekawa to explore new markets and deploy new business, especially in applications relating to smart energy solutions. He represents Mayekawa in various market sector organizations, actively informing its members on Mayekawa product developments and innovative applications in support of Natural refrigerants. He also acts as a consultant and business lead with Mayekawa large global accounts. Eric is also Chairman of the EURAMMON working group Ammonia and member of the Belgian IIR steering committee.

Ir. Sergei Gusev Sergei Gusev started as a mechanical engineer in 1995 at test facility of an engine building company in Kaliningrad, Russia. In 2008 he has obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering in Ghent University, Belgium. Currently he is member of the Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) research group wherein he is involved in two projects: ORCNext project concerning dynamic modelling of ORC installations and the High Temperature Heat Pump project, which is carried out together with ESSET Energy Systems. In both projects, he is responsible for the data analysis, model validation and development of the experimental equipment.

Gert Hendrickx Gert Hendrickx is co-owner of ESSET Energy Systems, a Belgium based company specialised in energy management, project development and technology innovation. ESSET is currently active in the development of a high temperature water based heatpump for industrial waste heat applications. Gert has more then 15 years experience in energy consultancy and verification and is also part time lecturer in energy technology at Thomas More campus Geel. He holds a master degree in industrial engineering, business economics as well as environmental science. Gert is actively involved in the technical development of the industrial heatpump.  
Gerrit G.W. Kamphuis Gerrit Kamphuis started the Installect group of companies together with Henk Broekhuizen in 1998. Previously they managed many large scale installation projects together. With Installect, Gerrit and Henk engineered and implemented a number of revolutionary ATES (groundsource) / heatpump projects, which resulted in a current position as market leader in single well ATES systems for sister company GeoComfort. Management and service of these installations is delivered by sister company Insted. This way, integrated knowledge remains within the group. In 2008 Gerrit started the development of the gas engine heatpump that is currently produced by Reduses. Gerrit has decades of hands on experience in climate control, mechanical engineering and product development.


Ir. Frank Koninckx Frank Koninckx graduated with an M.Sc degree in Electro- Mechanical Engineering at Ghent University in 1988. He also obtained a degree in Business Management at the University of Montpellier (USTL) in 1989. After experience in process optimisation in the nonferrous sector, process automation for the glass industry, maintenance contracts for utilities and experience in waste treatment and sludge processing, since 2003 he has been operating as an independent consultant with his own company Kovia. Kovia provides advice and services in the field of energy efficiency and energy management for industrial companies, with special attention devoted to heat integration and process optimisation. Kovia’s model-based approach not only offers companies better energy efficiency, it also gives them greater insight along with tools for further follow-up.

Dr. Michael Müller Michael Müller received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering from the Oklahoma State University, USA in 2009 and 2012, respectively, and received his Dipl. Ing. (FH) in Biotechnology from the FH Bingen, Germany in 2007. He is currently EU Project Manager at the Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V. (PFI), Germany. He is in charge of acquisition and management of European and transnational projects. His research activities include biomass conversion to products and energy, integrated biorefinery concepts, enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass, enzyme production with filamentous fungi, biogas production, and end-of-life possibilities of biopolymers. He was the project manager of the CORNET project W2PHeat within PFI and coordinates the German partners of the current HP4Drying project.

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Ochsner Karl Ochsner is the president of Ochsner Wärmepumpen GmbH (since 1976) and of the European Heat Pump Association. He graduated in 1968 at the Federal Institute of Zurich with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He has been a leading figure in the heat pump industry for decades, with several expert publications on heat pump technology in Austrian and foreign magazines. He is also the responsible project manager for many research and development projects and holder of several patents in the heat pump sector.

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Oberländer Steffen Oberländer has followed a study in utility engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany. He has been active since 1989 in planning and construction management for air and air-conditioning plants in industry and trade. He has been the managing director of thermea. Energie + Service since 1991. He first was responsible for the planning and construction of energy and utility engineering plants and later on, since 2008, for the development and manufacturing of high-power high-temperature heat pumps with natural refrigerants.


Andy Pearson Andy Pearson is the Group Engineering Director at Star Refrigeration, based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde and is actively involved in many industry organisations including the Institute of Refrigeration, the British Standards Institute and ASHRAE. He has edited two books for the International Institute of Refrigeration; “Ammonia as a Refrigerant” and the soon-to-be-published companion volume “Carbon Dioxide as a Refrigerant”. In May 2014 he was presented with the Ritter von Rittenger medal by the IEA HPA at the Heat Pump Congress in Montreal.

Ir. Lieven Stoefs Lieven Stoefs graduated with a M.Sc degree in Chemical Engineering at Leuven University. Since 2005, he has been involved in the engineering of process optimization projects for a wide range of industries, always with special focus on improving energy efficiency. After a number of years as an energy consultant, he is now in his fifth year at CEE ( , an independent company specialized in Industrial Energy Projects. Today, Lieven is Project Manager at CEE with specialization in concept and basic engineering (including modeling) of energy projects. Through the years he has gained ample experience in optimization of industrial drying processes through automation, heat-(re)integration (direct / indirect), CHP integration, … for diverse products dryer-types and sectors. Thanks to CEE’s practical experience it has gathered a lot of measurable references in this field.

Ir. Minh Cuong Tran Cuong received his M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 from the Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi), Italy. From 2007 to 2009 he worked in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) field. In 2008, he was honored by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the WIPO Gold Medal for Best Young Inventor in Vietnam for his research into the effectiveness of a low temperature drying heat pump system. He is now a research assistant at the HP4Drying project within the Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) research group, Ghent University.

Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Uitz Karsten Uitz kick-started his career with an apprenticeship as a manufacturer of refrigeration constructions with Kälte- und Klimatechnik Fritz. In 1991 he enrolled in the vocational school Kolping Bildungswerk (qualification: advanced technical certificate) and he graduated in 1997 as Dipl.-Ing. FH environmental process engineering from FHTW Berlin. From 1990 to 1992 he worked as a manufacturer of refrigeration constructions for Kälte- und Klimatechnik Fritz and from 1990-2001 as a manufacturer of refrigeration constructions and sales engineer for Harter Oberflächen- und Umwelttechnik. He then worked for four years as signing clerk and managing director for Harter. He is the founding managing director and active partner/owner of SIMAKA Energie- und Umwelttechnik since 2005. Since 2008 he is an EnEv DIN 18599 energy adviser and since 2009 a certified energy efficiency adviser for companies.  
Bram A.J.H. van As Bram van As is general manager and owner of De Kleijn Energy Consultants & Engineers ( ). He has a master degree in Mechanical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology, followed by a post master degree in Process and Product design, a post bachelor degree in Refrigeration technology and a MBA degree from TiasNimbas in Tilburg. De Kleijn Energy Consultants & Engineers provides consultancy and engineering in energy related projects at industrial companies. De Kleijn has developed and realized an innovative heat pump for French fries dryer. In 2012, De Kleijn has launched the website , a platform to share knowledge and example project examples for industrial heat pumps.


Ing. Bruno VanslambrouckBruno Vanslambrouck graduated in 1981 as a Master in Industrial Sciences and joined Howest in 1986. In October 2013 his department integrated into Ghent University. He obtained a strong experience within the power generation sector (SPE Diesel power station Harelbeke). With this experience he was able to study and to realize a 288 kWe/478 kWth cogeneration unit, equipped with a didactical measurement system, built in 1995 and still in working order. Besides teaching several energy related courses, he’s initiating, coordinating or participating in multiple research projects, focused on waste heat valorization. So he’s a frequently asked speaker on external courses, seminars or conferences on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), cogeneration and industrial heat pumps. He was also the organizer of the ORC symposium at Howest in May 2009 and the International Symposium on Advanced waste heat valorization technologies in September 2012.


Ing. Marcio VerhulstMarcio Verhulst graduated as M. Sc. in Elektromechanical Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium in 2013. In 2012 he worked as an internship research assistant in KIER, South Korea on ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology. As his thesis involved (re)building a complete ORC testbench and with his interest in thermal applications, he now works for the Thermal Energy in Industry research group of Ghent University as a research assistant on the W2Pheat and HP4Drying projects.


Jan-Willem VosholJan-Willem Voshol started his career in 1989 as mechanical engineer at STAL Refrigeration Benelux. After having finalized his refrigeration study he joined the STAL sales & design team where he got involved in many comprehensive plant design projects in ia. the (petro) chemical-, food- and leisure industries. His professional career changed from technical to business administration at the time he accepted a job as department manager. In order to gain more in depth knowledge about the refrigeration market as a whole, he accepted in 2005 a senior management position in the HVAC industries with Lennox International. In 2009 he received his MBA degree from the Business School Netherlands (BSN). The experience gained from both the technical and the managerial world are currently the breeding ground for the strategy of IBK Refrigeration B.V. where he found his new challenge as Managing Director since 2012. From a CSR point of view, IBK Refrigeration B.V. decided to develop a heatpump which next to economical profit, also should benefit to any social profit. In appreciation of the innovative strategy this project ,where wasted heat is used in a profitable way, finally got awarded with the ‘Refrigeration Trophy’ by the Dutch association of Refrigeration (NVKL).

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