International Symposium: From waste heat to process heat. Heat reintegration and drying optimisation with industrial heat pumps.  
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4th International Conference on Industrial Waste Heat Valorisation

Kortrijk, Belgium, 23-24 May 2016


Since many years, UGent research group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI) has been elaborating practical oriented research in the field of industrial waste heat valorization. Results of own work as well as from other groups, together with promising developments and reference applications by companies are presented on a regular base via a series of conferences. These conferences are not conceived to be “for and by” academics but especially to inform industrials about technology (almost) ready for use in industrial processes.

Topic in this 4th (2016) edition: Heat pump assisted drying Recent developments in high temperature industrial heat pumps Intermediate thermal storage in discontinue industrial processes and to respond to variable energy prices

By attending this conference, you will be well prepared to optimize your thermal processes on energy efficiency and costs as well as to better prepared to the coming energy transition.

During the 2016 sysmposium, 3 themes will be handled (please click on the text to have more information):

- Theme 1: Heat pump assisted drying

- Theme 2: Recent developments in high temperature industrial heat pumps

- Theme 3: Intermediate heat/cold storage in discontinue industrial processes

Organizing research groups: Ghent University (
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (
Department of Flow, heat and combustion mechanics (
Research group Thermal Energy in Industry (TEI)  (

Research group TEI has been conducting research on waste heat valorization especially to transform it into electricity through organic Rankine cycle technology (ORC) or to upgrade it to process heat by using heat pumps. Previous symposia (2009-2012-2014) were held around these themes.


Ghent University
Ugent Campus Kortrijk
UGent Campus Kortrijk

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